Technologial characteristics
Very low thermal distortion
No blurs
Precision up to 5 thousandths depending on the raw material
6 axe angle cutting capability

Thickness of the raw material
Commercial grade steel : 1/16’’ to ¾’’
Stainless steel 1/16’’ to 3/8’’
Aluminium 1/16’’ to 1/4’’

Dimensions des profilés :
Length at entry 316’
Length at exit 316’

Certain ‘’U’’ shaped components as well as certain ‘’I’’ and ‘’H’’ beams will not be machinable, all other types of components must be discussed with a representative


Chuck capacity
Round: 10-¾”     Square: 8″ x 8″     Rectangle: 10″ x 8″
Bar angle: 8″ x 8″